Sunday, March 14, 2010

Invitations,favors and bridesmaids!

So this weekend I finished assembling invitations, all that is missing however is the accommodation card, we haven't quite put that together yet as we haven't blocked off hotel rooms (I know, 5 months till the wedding and I haven't done it, oh dear!) its on the to do list for next week.

I also started work on our favors with the packaging, as you may have gathered from previous posts that we organised to have our favors for guests as playing cards...Well they arrived!
My next task is to package them. I thought about just wrapping them in plain ribbon without doing anything with the box but that Idea just did not sit well. I also thought about wrapping them and putting a sticker on them. Well I didn't have the motivation or the creativity to even think of what to do for a sticker. So I took an easy option. I wrapped and tied it with ribbon.

The end result looking cute! So far 20 done... 160 more to go. its actually not a bad project, a little fiddly but I have been out in the lounge room with FH talking away and having a good laugh so its been enjoyable. Hoping to have this done by the end of the next week.

Also this weekend my BMs and I are catching up for a bit of a day shopping for accessories and shoes to go with their dresses also they are helping me out with a few DIY things and flower choosing.... I haven't shown you pics of their dresses yet but I promise to do that next week.

So its an exciting week coming up. I feel alot better than last week but still quite crook so I'm hoping to have the energy for when the girls come round next Saturday.

Coastal City Bride - Charis xx


  1. Love the packaging for the cards. Very cute!

  2. aww thanks. its a little time consuming. I just didnt like the pattern on the box they came in.