Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Photoshop Help

So im posting this everywhere I blog, wedding forum, technical help and it can only help to post here too!

I downloaded a free invitation that FH and I really like and we are allowed to alter it. It came in photoshop format to make our own.

My problem is, I CAN get the background and the wording to change color, but I CANNOT get all of the flower to go orange. I have mucked around and seriously there has got to be some shortcut part from match color to get the whole flower to go orange?

My end goal is to make the background white, the font orange and all of the flower orange.

If anyone has any tips? or advice or a how to that would be great. I have photoshop CS3, indesign and illustrator so any instructions will do!

Thanking you! Much appreciated!

Coastal City Bride- Charis xx

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