Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cupcakes and cake - fave topic!

So I realised I hadn't posted in nearly 4 days.. Has that got to be a record?

Today is a BIG week in regards to wedding stuff, one of these is that we picked out our cake!!!!, that will be surrounded by cupcakes. Picture the cake below, in butter cream color, chocolate on the inside with orange ribbon and gold brooch. CUTE OVERLOAD!! our friend Catherine is going to make this for us. Very exciting!
The cupcake.. so after having about 40 designs to choose from this one made the final cut! Picture this: Chocolate cake, butter cream color cream and alternating orange and red flowers. We are getting a local vendor to make 150 of these.

Makes me hungry just looking at them! I cant remember where I got the pics from, I somehow added and added more pictures and forgot to write locations. But if you stumble on this blog and your reading this and your cute cake and cupcake is pictured... I appreciate you forever!

Anyone DIYing there own cake or are you purchasing?

Coastal City Bride - Charis xx


  1. I love the look of those cupcakes! Very cute.

    With a little help from Martha's new book, we're DIY-ing our cupcakes. If I had wanted a full size cake, I definitely would have gone with a bakery, but I consider myself to be a cupcake expert, so I figure I should be able to handle that... between me and my bridesmaids at least.

  2. ooo sounds like fun! unfortunately everything that i bake seems to turn a nice charcoal color and is deemed inedible? :P