Monday, March 1, 2010

not my weekend. Invitation epic failure..

The word of the moment:

Failure: The condition or fact of not achieving the desired end or ends;

So usually I post about what DIY projects Ive done and mainly just the successes and never the failure, because.. well who likes to fail??

Well today, I failed, I failed epic.

I thought I would handle the never wanting to do stuff. i.e. ribbon pomanders and the maps and accommodation cards for my invitations.

So I had finished my invitations awhile ago, well RSVP cards and background pretty much completed as below.

looking pretty suave right? for my first DIY attempt on things wedding, I was really stoked with my effort.

I opened up the invitations today to work out the maps sizing and stuff and to my dismay, when I opened it, some of the double sided tape had started to peel causing the wraps to FALL OFF! I opened the next one, the ribbon was starting to come off on that one. I opened all 150 base invitations and 55 of them were useless.. I nearly fainted actually (you know how you get that head spin sometimes when things aren't just going right?).
According to FH my face went white as a sheet.. and took about 5 minutes for it to get color again.
WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!! is my immediate reaction, I could re glue them? but then I figured by the time I re glue them, I will have to fix the others, as some when the ribbon was falling off, well.. it didn't exactly look fab.

So after a 30 min discussion and series of trials and errors with trying to fix it we decided it would be best if we made new invitations. With 6 months to go, I can do it. We also decided.. NO gluing.. I'm not gluing a thing on my new invitations or try to avoid it!

Well after a further half hour of discussion all 150 invites, went in the bin and 55 smaller invitations. I cried, in fact I wont lie... I BAWLED my eyes out. I hate failing, (prob just like everyone else) absolutely hate it with a passion. Seeing something you work really hard at fall to pieces. Mind you not the end of the world its only invitations FH keeps reminding me and hes right, its just paper.. He was just as disappointed as me and been in a glum mood as he helped create them.

So the hunt has begin for new ones and FH has joined in on this and boy are there some beauties!

So seeing paper creations for the last 4hrs on the internet has kinda perked my mood up, so all is not lost and I am brimming with ideas.
If anyone actually has a template or post were they got there invitations from I really would appreciate it, would love to see what others are doing!
Coastal City Bride - Charis xx


  1. That sucks! Not all is lost, you could be a lot closer to the wedding and then not have enough time to get new ones.

    I used a store-bought kit for mine and then added simple color elements of pre-cut card stock from Michaels. Here's my tutorial/process:

    Good luck with the new ones!