Friday, March 19, 2010

Flowers you may look pretty

but I have no idea which one, I want, like or what they are even called!!!!! I was meeting with florist tomorrow morning, but I called and re-arranged for the following Saturday. Because I started searching for inspiration on flowers, and well I thought this would be an easy task.... B.S on the easy part!

Found way too many that I like, I don't even know what the flowers are called but my florist does, and shes amazing! So here's a few piccies I found on the net. I really want to have orange flowers or orange and red. Pic heavy post!
This one is a little Christmas but I still like it.. think I need to go a little lighter tho
Kudos to budget bride for coming up with this number

not a fan of the green loopy things (sorry if anyone here is a florist) But I like the flowers! (ignore the red arrangement in the above one, its the ones up the back I'm interested in!)
Anyone had any hassle in choosing there bouquet and is this supposed to be easier?
Coastal City Bride - Charis xx

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