Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March To do list

  • Just posting up my March to do list - just for my reference so I can keep on track!

    •Bridal Registry
    •Pay deposit on music entertainment
    •Wedding cake still looking for inspiration
    •booking transportation
    •Book time off work for wedding and honeymoon
    •pay deposit on honeymoon
    •Visit florist
    •Book Hotel Accommodation
    •Get passport for honeymoon.

    DIY projects:

    •Wedding invitation, design and print
    •Button Balls
    •Ribbon Wands
    •Wedding sign
    •Completion of Wishing board.

    That's it, bit more on this month. Last month was just flaming ridiculous.

    Coastal City Bride - Charis xx


  1. Doesnt it feel funny to take time off or to make sure we have time off for our own wedding! I just want to say to them, "Hey, its my wedding Im not coming in!" LOL!

    Lists are def important!

  2. oh I wish I could!! make life a lot easier. I was thinking of takig time off work but then i thought Id prob just want to sleep all the time and catch up from the late nights DIYing!

    If I didnt have my list. Id be in chaos. Chaos isnt good for me!