Tuesday, March 30, 2010

sitting and waiting...

I haven't blogged much this week due to creating these little beauties all 115 envelopes are addressed, with 20 waiting confirmation of addresses.. mostly FHs fault because he hasn't taken the time yet to get the addresses that I asked for weeks ago ! :P

Because my handwriting is barely legible but to me readable. I decided to print the addresses. I ran them through our home printer using Freebooter Script from
http://www.dafont.com/ and I created a little sender logo and printed on the back of our envelope.

I also included a crappy photo of the sender logo on the back the pic does not do it justice! lol, maybe I'm a little biased tho!

So now to complete the invitation I still have to do the accommodation card. Which I haven't been able to do till I get our confirmation number from the hotel. Nearly there!

Are you handwriting your envelopes or are you doing what I did and taking them through the computer?

Coastal City Bride - Charis xx


  1. I'm not sure if you are, or if you haven't sent these out yet and are really interested in handwriting your invites, you could always trace over the printed addresses with a calligraphic pen to get the handwritten look that you're looking for.

  2. we havent sent out our invitations yet. I wont send them out for awhile yet. I was thinking about tracing over in calligraphic pen and thanks for the idea, but I dont know if Im just really double handling things?