Friday, April 2, 2010

My cake stand, my stupidity and my stupid glue gun!

There is a bit of a story to my cupcake stand. My idea was to create a stand myself wide enough to fit at least 80 cupcakes and our cutting cake on top, with the rest of the cup cakes on bought teird cupcake stands. So I went down to our local craft store, purchase some styro foam boards and proceeded to be a DIY goddess and to start gluing the fabric and got half way there....

My glue gun burnt me because I was stupid and put my hand back and forgot it was there... OUCH!

The result 1hr up at the local hospital.... extreme pain, two injections and now a puffy looking hand :( which stopped me from going on our planned camping trip and completing my cupcake stand....

My puffy hand!! so sore!

after coming back from the hospital FH has disappeared in the study for a couple of hours and yells out and says to come have a look at this..

I walked into the room, FH has completed my cupcake stand.. and it looks fantastic. He has told me never to go near a glue gun again!! because I'm such a clutz!

I love my future hubby! what a DIY pro! it is a little different on how I pictured it, but still a good job!

P.S I glued all the fabric on to the boards, and FH did the ribbon.. I think he is proud as punch and saying look what he created :) in this case, I'm going to give him credit for it lol.


  1. Hi Charis! I found you on Weddingbee, and I am so excited to read more about you and your planning!

    Sorry to hear about your mishap, but it sounds like you have a FANTASTIC fiance, you lucky bride-to-be!

  2. aww thanks!!

    I def count myself lucky, however he made me use the iron this morning so I dont think he thinks Im that much of a klutz!