Sunday, February 28, 2010

I have a dilemma with my wishing stuff!

So on my hunt for my mazanita trees and supplies in my coastal city I hit a standing point. I found trees but I found trees at HUGE prices.. Like cmon.. with my budget I am not going to pay 60 bucks for one or nor did I want one covered in glitter.

So me being and Ideas girl came up with a new idea of using board instead of a tree. (err hem how original of me?) I headed down to our local hardware store, I picked up an MDF for 8 dollars and painted the board red without thinking things through "I was like how am i going to fit the wooden pegs in" .. ba bing IDEA.. get FHs drill and go nuts! so I did even tho i had already painted the board. If you decide to do this, I suggest you drill the holes first and not paint first?

Step 2: Drilled holes suitable for my wooden pegs.

My cute little "mini dolly pegs" I picked up from the local craft store for two dollars!

I stencilled out our surname and painted that in in a cute orange that has been used on a few projects. (took about 1hr because I did several coats)

inserted the pegs! (you may notice a small blotch to the left that's lighter than the rest, its since been fixed!)

Added twine and used these cute little clothes line pegs (same price as the other ones.. 2 dollars)

and to attach our wish tags which I had made earlier..

Gives us our end product so far:

Anyway I have had a few dilemmas. So I'm going to fire off the questions here!

One: Should I paint the pegs to match(the pegs are fitted into the wooden board)? or leave it as it is? Or if I do paint it, what color?

Instead of the twine how bout using colored rope? then what color?

Also FH and I wanted to freehand our names on top of the surname in a lighter color (we would get my mum to do the next step as she is an excellent drawer and I am not a Picasso painter..) . But I'm thinking I might just leave as is? or should I still go ahead with the writing?

What would you do? Feedback would be appreciated!

Coastal City Bride- Charis xx


  1. I think the contrasting colors look great! If you wanted to add your first names on there, why not use a paint pen? That way you can write it normal, instead of trying to use a paint brush to write script, which is never easy. Very creative idea!

  2. Great blog you have! :) Personally I think I would paint the pegs to match where they are inserted into the board. And I think the twine looks good!