Friday, May 7, 2010

Program Mock Up Take 2

So I had an email from a friend of mine asking how I was going with the programs.So I thought I had better try again!

Well my first attempt was posted about a week or so back, and I wasn't super happy with it. I'm having the hardest time making things flow through the wedding.

So a new idea took over. I took my flower design that I had on the invites and printed it on A4 sheets and cut them in half. Fold them punched the holes through and added ribbon.

Well first of all, the eyelet punch I bought, way too big!! making that ribbon disappear. The overall look tho is great. I love the invite design on there and the style. So I need to find a smaller punch. (I'm heading to the local craft store today)

On opening I would like it to be a bit like a book. First page just a monogram (believe it or not I'm having trouble designing my own, too picky!) and on the back of that starts the order of service bridal party and on the last page on the back, our thank you.

So I have started to get things finalised with the ceremony, I have been back and forth with our officiant but I still need to delegate of whose doing what. So until that's done I really cant print much. But I'm working on it!

Am I on the right track?
Coastal City Bride - Charis xx

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