Friday, May 21, 2010

Guest Book... ha your like a merry-go-round.

So instead of a traditional guestbook I was going to have a mazanita guest tree... epic fail, scrapped that and went to a wishing guest board I posted it a few months ago and I thought that was the end of that..

Not! The more I looked at the board.. the more I didn't like it! So back to the drawing board and I saw guest books like this! and decided I wanted the same....
Photos courtesy of amariem25 off

So I started my search for templates... and one of the brides from posted this and was sharing this as a template, so this is what I'm using, the only difference is that ours is orange and has our name up the top of each page.

I printed out the guestbook sheets and I love it. However it isn't photographing that well. All to do now is finish decorating the album but I wont start that for another week or so. My friend Susie is going to help me :) So I'll post it up when that's done too, so you get the full affect.

In addition to our non traditional guest book I made these direction signs to sit on the table.

They are framed using black plastic frames from a discount store for two dollars each,and the mini easels I used were a dollar each. Thought they were pretty cute once completed!!

Total cost $9.00

and Yes I am aware that I used the wrong 'Your' in the last frame and it has been fixed since taking the photos! oops!

Simple! (however, its taken me 10 months to get here!) What are you doing as your guest book?

Coastal City Bride - Charis xx

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  1. I LOVE that Idea for a guestbook! We did a smaller scale version, just made little postcards, but seeing yours makes me wish we had prompts and things on them What a cute idea!