Sunday, May 16, 2010

GM ties, how hard is it to find a shade of red???

Well I armed myself on the trip to our capital city with MOHs dress for the wedding, FHs shirt (same color as the grooms) and BOY WHAT A MISSION!!!!! to find a tie!!! well three ties.. but still..
After the 4hr drive I headed straight into the capitals busy CBD. I walked through 10 stores with FHs shirt and MOH dress... (people must have thought I was weird, comparing every tie to a shirt and dress) ..11th store...2hrs later...

Exact shade of red... but a little on the pricey side(I was hoping for 20.00AUD each but purchased these babies for 40.00AUD each.) But i figured for the exact same shade of red, I wasn't going to risk spending hours to find something cheaper!

Here they are;

FHs tie is being made out of the same fabric as my dress so no tie hunting for FH! (and can I say what a big sigh of relief that is, I couldnt do that shopping experience all over again)

Coastal City Bride - Charis xx

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  1. it took me forever to find ties for my wedding... and even then they didn't really match the navy in the rest of the wedding but they worked. lol. I didn't find a single store in my area that carried any navy ties with dark pink accents so I ended up having to order them off amazon. It drove me crazy!