Saturday, May 8, 2010

Button ball aisle decor. COMPLETED!!

I finally finished my button balls.

I only wanted six to line the aisle of were the girls and I are walking down. So if you can picture red carpet, the button balls themselves on white little pail buckets and raised from the ground and positioned like this

and imagine an archway at the end. White chairs to the left and right.. and arch way hanging in our initials.

If you pictured that ok, I think I might have just done my wedding planning right! Thank goodness these button balls are done! Here's a close up!

Do you like??

Coastal City Bride - Charis xx


  1. Those are awesome! From the looks of it, it took a lot of buttons and a lot of time!
    But they look great, and they'll be really cute sitting in little white pails.

  2. They look amazing! I really, really like it and it's such a unique idea. :)

  3. very unique...I don't think I've ever seen anyone use button the button part of your wedding decor in other areas?

  4. I think it will be. I tried to do all red for the ceremony and then orange for the reception. Lanterns are the centrepieces for the reception with orange uplighting around the walls. I dont think i really need to do too much, but im creating some smaller (half size) button balls that can lay around on the tables. Or hang from a few wooden shepards hooks I have. With three months to go Im trying to get their so I dont know wether I should do it or not. They say less is more sometimes.

  5. Very creative, they are great!

  6. Please tell me that you're going to post a tutorial....