Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stressful Week- dress and work!

So this week, I'm not handling things too well. I'm tired from work and staying up late. I had a bit of a rough start with a disaster with my dress...

My dress! what an issue! So Ive posted before that I really wasn't in love with my dress because it hadn't been altered and it wasn't feeling right... but I thought I will just wait till its altered and I know I will like it better then.

To dampen my spirits, FH has a very honest opinion and he found a pic of my dress on Friday (the one Ive posted before on here) and said he didn't like it.. His comment was 'it makes you look wider than what you actually are' - 'well gee thanks hun!' His comment left me seriously devastated and bawling my eyes out and very fragile. He realised I was very upset and that he said the wrong thing, but he tried his best to comfort me with no luck!

While he went to work on Saturday morning, I went to our one and only bridal store and tried on a few dresses one by www.bridesbymancini.com 'Alison' in the ivory and I was just seriously confused as in what to go for since FH didn't like my dress.. well does my style suck? or what was it about it that he didn't like? the color? the style? I left the bridal store feeling worse than before.

When I got home FH was there and said 'look can I see you in your dress?' I just replied 'yeah sure' because I thought whats the point hes just going to hate it. Well I was wrong he loved it, he said it looks nothing like what it did in the photo. (I had my hair down and makeup on, so maybe that made a difference - who knows!) and said that I shouldn't go get another dress because this ones great and once I explained what I was having alterations to he was even more happier.

So after 1 day and a half of feeling like someone died (that's the best likeness I could come up with) I felt alot better, well a 100 times better! My weekend perked up...had a good time at a 21st birthday party and a relaxing Sunday. I still feel tho emotionally drained and that episode has left me tired for the rest of the week.

I seriously hope I will feel better by the time the weekend come round and that I wont fall asleep at my desk at work. Cause I could do with some zzzz's!

Coastal City Bride - Charis xx

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