Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bridesmaid Tote bags.. Instructions aye?

How to make bridesmaid tote bags. There are no pictures in this post as I have done the DIY tutorial after Ive actually made it. My apologies!!! If you have any queries, please post in comments section and I will do the best I can!

Colored ribbon
Canvas tote bag
Design printed on A4 sheets.
Sowing needle and thread.
Cigarette Lighter for your ribbon.

Step 1. Have several drinks to get you amped up. (CCB only promotes moderate drinking here *cough* just enough to improve your coordination and to be able to handle the task at hand. I know that I needed it since my love of painting was minimal, but you could use stencils or iron on to prevent thefrom having to paint!)

Step 2. Purchase canvas tote bag from local craft store. $4.99 per bag.

Step 3. Purchase paint. (preferably waterproof, so the bag can be washed). I purchased Jo Sonja's Artist Colors - Matte Fluid. Cadmium Orange Series 3, Burgundy Series 1. Juane Brilliant Series 1.

Step 4. Select your design. There are some interesting designs in google for bridesmaid tote bags. Lots of cute one liners and stuff. I decided to use their names instead of 'bridesmaid' so they can use it again.

Step 5. Print design. I printed my design on A4 paper and inserted this in between the canvas, I only decorated one side.

Step 6. Start Painting. I painted over my design, using a fine brush. The better quality brush the better the line i found.

Step 7. Have a drink. While waiting for paint to dry, as you don't want to lean on your bag while attaching ribbon.

Step 8. The ribbon. Measure your ribbon across the tote bag and leave a little bit more than the the length of your tote bag and cut.

Step 9. On the end of the ribbon which you about to start sowing on to the bag burn the end of your ribbon to stop the fraying.

Step 10. Hand stitch or machine stitch your ribbon to the tote bag on both sides of the ribbon. Cut off the excess ribbon and burn the end were you cut the excess to stop the fraying.

Step 11. Creating the bow. Cut 10Cm's of ribbon (or depending how big you want your bow.) simply fold ribbon inwards crossing the ribbon over one each other and sow the middle of the bow with a few stitches so it stays together by itself.

Step 12. Hand stitch the bow to the bag in whatever position.

You should by then, have yourself a bridesmaids tote bag.

Step 13. Have yourself a celebratory drink and a pat on the back.

Mission complete :D

Coastal City Bride - Charis xx


  1. Thank you much dear...I've got my project for the weekend! Now to just go out and get the booze, I mean "supplies"

  2. Best of luck. You might actually like this project. Making very much a fishie bride creation!