Friday, February 26, 2010

Favors are on its way! round of poker anyone?

Today I ordered our favors all 180 of them. We are having Mini Playing cards!

Excitement plus plus! It feels really good to have it sorted, but I have to wait a month before they are here :(

I got them from a local warehouse for $1.25 each however I am getting a ten percent discount on top of that so total cost is $202.50 cents. :)

I originally wanted toffee apples but that turned into such a disaster, and now decided we want something guests can keep, without breaking the bank. And if some people forget to take them, that's okay too cause I could always use playing cards!

I haven't decided yet to customize the packet with our own label. Or gift wrap them in majorly cute orange wrapping paper, what you think?
what would you do?

p.s we don't have anything like the dollar tree so I was really proud I could get them that cheap. Anyway... why doesn't the dollar tree ship to Australia? would make life easier and cheaper!
Coastal City Bride - Charis xx

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