Monday, February 22, 2010

My latest DIY - button balls!

I started a button ball the other night my latest DIY project with this one as a mock up.. and I couldn't wait till it was all completed i.e on a stand, before sharing. They look really good in person, so I hope the photos do it justice. I finished the mock up tonight :D

We are using these button balls to decorate the reception venue as we are not allowed to have candles according to the venue contract and I think we will only be making 8. (4 orange and 4 red) to sit in between our twig centrepieces. I think it would be best if they sat on vases. Its mainly just to add color to the reception place.

I haven't covered it in gloss yet, like I was planning to do.. but that can wait till tomorrow.

Coastal City Bride - Charis xx


  1. I love those! Did you paint the styrofoam underneath first and then add the buttons? I think they look great with or without a gloss coating!

  2. yes I did. However we are thinking of spraying them again, as the orange one doesnt look as cool.. it still looks cool just doesnt look AS cool as the red one. So im holding off on glossing. Thanks!