Monday, February 22, 2010

Wedding Programs - oh so cute and trendy!

So my goal.. is to have these programs like the one pictured, I found off the DIY section of and I was lucky that when I fell in love with them that the poster had a template for them! I really love it when people include the template in the post. Here is the original link;

Ive started off today by creating the card stock which we have on the back our thank you (this wasn't in the original design but I thought why not!)

Today we begin the rest of our life
Together forever as husband and wife.
Our dreams came true, with love and more—
Adventures to have and the world to explore.

Thank you for celebrating our wedding day.
As we share our vows, we just want to say:
These wedding memories will become a treasure,
And seeing you here is part of the pleasure.

Charis & Sheridan
August 14th 2010

I had other stuff that said thank you in a little less corny fashion but this the one FH liked best. So I designed and printed those today

My next step is to create the program itself, but I wont do that for the next few weeks as FH is unsure of one member of the bridal party. He has had a few issues so until that's sorted I wont print it out. Just thought I would get ahead and create as much as I could. And I will do the belly band I think next week.

But its good to have at least the template! and know what direction we are heading.
Coastal City Bride - Charis xx

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