Monday, December 28, 2009

The Dress - It has been found and bought!

So when I got engaged, as we all are, very excited. Then the reality set in that I would have to find a dress, that would suit me... oh dear!!!! (lots of things pass through my mind and mostly they were all negative!)

I have one of those figures that no matter how hard I try sometimes, it is really hard to find something I feel OH WOW in! So I'm glancing through all these wedding books, researching online bridal stores and I'm umming and ahhing and going oooo I like that and I think it got to the point were I couldn't take it much more of looking, it was time to try. My MOH and I bit the bullet and decided to go to our one and only bridal store in the coastal city.
In my head I'm thinking I'm going to have the worst time ever - the choice, the sales assistant, and having to make a decision on style! However I had a blast, trying on dresses making me look like a hippo to some that I liked the style, to the wrong colour and I walked out of there after 2 1/2 hours knowing what I DIDN'T want. The sales assistant and my MOH had a fab time we had some good laughs and some inspiration! (so I guess I have my MOH to thank!)

So after that Saturday, two months later, I had managed to leave our coastal city and make the drive with my mother to Perth. After visiting one bridal store with a sales assistant less than helpful, I really didn't want to continue. 2nd store I went into and the fourth dress I tried on..... I found my dress!!! EXCITING!!!!

My budget for my dress was a maximum of $1200 dollars and I managed to stick to the budget, the dress was reduced more than $1000 as the dress is an odd (and I mean odd in a nice way) colour and also it had a funny neck line - the neckline had a lace section leading right up to the throat, but the sales assistant convinced me to try the dress on a and to get the neckline altered. So the alterations are to be that and the length of the dress as I'm a short bride! No other alteration needed!

I forgot to take a picture of the back, but its a zip disguised with a panel of buttons. I paid my deposit that day as it was a sale item and not a dress made to order. Was it an impulse decision? Yes, however, I fell in love with the dress and I have no regret in buying it then and there. When you know, you know!

I was actually a little disappointed that there wouldn't be more dresses to try on! I also selected my veil, which arrived recently. So I will post pictures of that soon. The pictures of the dress are it hanging on the door which doesn't do it justice for the shape, but I hope you like it, because I love it :)

Coastal City Bride - Charis xx

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