Sunday, December 27, 2009

Save The Dates - Template Included!

Most of you probably have visited the website and seen that they have some pretty awesome stuff and freebies! I downloaded this freebie below...(in case you like the design, you can go get it yourself i have included the link)

I decided to use the dahlia response card as my template, using photo shop I changed the color to red instead of yellow and also erased the wording they had so it was blank template :) Because own the template I am not able to provide you with the red template because I created it for my own personal use and it would be an infringement on copyright if I gave it out. Pity I know!

  1. Printed the design on some white gold paper I found in K-mart (like the local walmart)for 4 AUD dollars for 25 sheets and printed the design out on the home printer.
  2. I had some packets of blank cards that I had saved for cardmaking. I decided to cut these cards in half and use them as my backing card for the wording to be glued on to add a bit of contrast. These cards a plain beige.
  3. Using my hole punch I punched holes in the corners and threaded red ribbon through and secured with a knot at the back so the ribbon wouldn't fall through

The ribbon is purposefully done loose so it can be hung from anyone's fridge or memo board... FH idea!

It is really easy, it took me 3 days after work to complete these with help from FH. I have done 95 in total.

All they need to do is just the envelope to be addressed.. I am feeding them through the printer and using fonts from (because my handwriting is shocking!) They are due for posting mid january.

Coastal City Bride - Charis xx

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