Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meeting Mrs Needle

So want to see the results of my dress fitting? Something like this maybe!! (photo below:robo bride) describes exactly how I was feeling on the day of my fitting.. a little stiff, a little tense and a little powder puff.

but needless to say it was a success!! YAY! I actually met Mrs Needle (no play on words here or cute shop story) her name is actually Mrs Needle, she inspired me with the confidence I needed.
Sweetheart neckline achievable. Panel in the back, that's a goer too! yay!
I just need to find 1.5metres of matte satin in my dress color. I have contacted a friend in our nearest capital city and sent her a sample of my dress! that will also create a tie for FH to match my dress. Mrs Needle thinks of everything she does! (I actually just like typing Mrs Needle, I still find it funny.. lame I know huh!)
Dress need to be taken up? Nope.. not an inch. Apparently with the cute heels I'm rocking there at the appropriate length. (10cms)
The two flowers well one of them is gone and I'm going to keep one. I'm using the other as a hair accessory that I will make! (another DIY to add to the list!)
So success!
How did your dress fitting go?
Coastal City Bride - Charis xx

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