Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lanterns Part 2.

So last little post I mention that I like all these lantern pictures and I was thinking about going down this path.
Well Saturday morning I went for a hunt in our city on the search for paper lanterns. I searched high and low, near and far (ah hem, alright a little too dramatic) I went to six stores that I thought that would have paper lanterns. 3 did...

First shop: wrong colors available :(
Second Shop: not the right color, and well... looked a little too shabby for my liking.
Third Shop: 1 in stock in yellow.. and I wanted six and in the colour orange.

The third shop I asked if they ordered them in. Well they do! YAY! So I placed an order for six of them. And the shop owner gave me a phonecall later that day saying when he set up his other shop he used 6 orange lanterns and he had them sitting in his office if we wanted them!! So we went and inspected them and they are really good quality! so for usually $10.00 AUD dollars a pop, I got them for $5.00 each! YAY!!

They are pretty close to the ones in my inspiration pic for my centrepiece. (ignore all the decor around it, all I'm interested in is the orange lantern and the shepherds hook, holding it up!)

How hard was it to find your centrepieces?
Next mission, to find shepherds hooks to hang these pretty things on!

Coastal City Bride - Charis xx

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  1. Hi! I'm also thinking of going with this idea but am so confused as to how to hang the lanterns?! Did you manage to find the shepard's hook? Where? and how pricy was it? I live in Toronto...