Sunday, January 24, 2010

My wedding dress, I just dont like it anymore.

I don't really have much to post tonight, but I thought I would tie off the week with a blog!

This week on the DIY section I have not accomplished much, two ribbon pomanders and that's it.. I really need to be motivated to do more, I'm becoming more lazy on the weekends and I should be motivated! I sorted out our study room and it is looking very much organised now.

I tried on my wedding dress.. and I hate to say it but I really don't like it anymore.. It needs to be altered I understand up the top as its not sitting right. But i hate the way I look in it. I don't suit the dress...The dress is gorgeous tho. So I'm posting this pic of me in my dress.. no make up and posing awkwardly as I hate photos. But I need to deal with it, as I cant afford another... anyway :(

Coastal City Bride - Charis xx


  1. I think once you get it altered it will feel more like your dress and more like you are wearing it. It is a beautiful dress and I hope you find the love for it. Maybe you can see it on WeddingBee and use that money for a new one if you really want to find a new one?

  2. oh you know I love it. I am a huge sucker for lace. I always thought that would be the dress that I wore, but most I tried on that were lace were out of budget.
    I ended up going for something that looks like lace, but is more detail and some's still pretty though.
    I think you will learn to love it though... when are you getting it altered?

  3. Getting it altered in may and I cant really wait. I was excited when I bought it, now that ive tried it on again, Im a bit ummm ahh... I think I will love it with the alterations. There is no turning back now :) Im sure tho I will be happy on the day.

  4. That's gorgeous!!! Hopefully you'll like it again once you start alterations!

  5. i liked my dress when i bought it but the day i picked it up after the last alterations i cried the whole way home. i felt like it was too boring for my personality and that my fiance would hate it. i never stopped worrying about it but we couldn't afford another dress. i wore it and looked great in it and my husband loved it so it all worked out for me.

    i think the dress is gorgeous but you have to like it. some of us just weren't meant to LOVE our dresses i guess since we can't afford the crazy expensive ones. on the day you will feel better about it because you will be made up and gorgeous and everything will come together.