Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ribbon Pomanders - How to!

So I said I would post instructions, sorry its been a few days, work has been hectic and I decided last night that I was going to rearrange our lounge room instead of blog! Now i have one very organised lounge room and a chaotic study and guest room! (I was sick and tired of having my living room table and half my lounge turn into a wedding plan zone. So I relocated to the study! and what a shambles it is!)

Anyway the instructions!
Items Required:

Ribbon: Different widths in your color scheme, I used with my various colors roughly 30 metres per ball to make one pomander ball( I wasn't exactly scrimping on ribbon so it may take you less!)

Pins: Estimated packet of 100 per ball ( you can use one pin per ribbon strip, but I like to be doubly sure so I used two per ribbon strip)

Scissors: for obviously cutting ribbon

Styrofoam Ball: I used the 5 inch ball, but it depends on whats available in your craft store or your individual need.

String/Rope: to hang your pomander ball - can be cut into various lengths, depending on your need!.


Step 1: Cut ribbon into 4 inch strips ( you will have MANY strips, I'm not sure on the count tho)

Step 2: Form each strip of ribbon into the shape of a circle overlapping the ends.
Step 3: Put the pin in the two overlapping ends.

Step 4: Stick the pins in the Styrofoam ball. For a tighter look stick the ribbon closer together!

Step 5: Once the ball is full as you like!

Step 6: Attach Rope! - I used a simple knot and pinned it into the ball (about 4 pins, you could probably get away with 2 but I like to be doubly sure!)
Finished Product!!
How long did it take for each one? Two gilmore girl episodes :) haha. I have ten to do but so far only made 4.. I keep on doing them when I'm bored of my crepe paper flowers, which seem to be taking forever!

Coastal City Bride - Charis xx


  1. Oooh I love this. I think I may have to copy your idea ;) do you think using a lace ribbon would work with this?? hmm. not sure. Our wedding is very vintage themed with lots of lace (and birds!)...
    haha I would so watch gilmore girls while doing it too!! (that's what I did last night while doing a DIY too!)

  2. I think lace ribbon would work, but the only worry would be that you would be able to see the ball though the lace? If your going to do that, how bout paint the styrofoam balls in a base color? so they will see a nice peach pink through the lace? or whichever color. Very easy to do!