Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reception venue just cancelled - a lot can happen in a day

Today I thought I was being quite productive and organising things for the wedding.

I was finalising our venue - We had made a tentative booking in late November and due to pay our deposit mid January, I actually had gone to do a few errands in town and had gotten back we just had a phone call from the reception venue and they said they wouldn't be able to do our wedding!

When we had gone to confirm our booking everything was all ok. Able to fit 150 people in with a cocktail reception. The venue is run by a husband and wife team. During this time about mid December, the husband passed away. We sent flowers and understood that if she couldn't do our wedding, she said it would be fine.. but today she called and cancelled.

I understand, I'm a bit devastated tho, have to do the whole reception venue hunt again and literally the choices of were we can have our wedding are limited.

Making me a bit stressed as we should be have the major things booked by now. I.e reception venue, and caterer.

We are thinking of having a marquee hire but the lady that does the quotes in the one and only place in our city that hires marquees is away till Thursday.
*sigh* devo!
Coastal City Bride - Charis xx

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