Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another reception place found - but not booked.

Today I found another venue, after all Saturdays venue upset.
I had a friend recommend a local hall (not as flash as our previous choice) but well, it was actually really nice! It has sent my brain into DIY mode and I feel once again that I am back on the creative wagon. My parents have left the coastal city and have gone away till Thursday so we haven't booked anything(yet) It was a considerable amount cheaper and by considerable.. I mean.. costing 1/6th of the cost of the amount cheaper than the hire of our other venue.
The plus side was; more space, not outdoors, really nice outlook of the local harbour and gives me the opportunity for DIY and etsy shopping!!!
We agreed that with the reduction in cost we can spend a lot more on the reception and even have a possibilty of a sit down dinner after working out the figures! (I never thought we would be able to have a sit down meal due to numbers of people and cost per head with the caterer)
Sheridan and I are pretty keen on it, and I think we will go ahead and make our booking.
I feel as tho that once the venue is booked everything can settle. I wont be upset or stressed.
Anyway Ill post pictures soon. Maybe you can give me ideas?

Coastal City Bride - Charis xx

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