Sunday, August 1, 2010

My new shoes

I should stop buying shoes.. seriously .. this is the third pair of "wedding shoes" that I have bought. These were a bargain of $19.95 so I don't feel so bad!!

My first pair, my witness shoes are very bridal and bling.. also.. they hurt my feet.. :( I tried breaking them in.. and well I ended up with sore feet and only lasted 1hr in them. absolute killer...(i mean like jaws... seriously.. coming to bite me from every angle)

I then found a pair of red chucks (converse) and I bought them for the reception.. I am still going to wear them, but FH reckons they look ridiculous for a wedding.. or maybe they just look ridiculous on my feet, who knows.. FH was amused at first.. then is a bit like what?

These ones.. I found while doing the weekly 'grocery' shop. *cough*
Super comfortable.. worn these babies for 3hrs so far and my feet ain't sore.. Been pacing, sitting... even tried dancing (and I put the word tried, as its true.. we both suck at the dancing bit) and were really comfortable.

And I took my friends motto when buying this 'if it has a bow on it... consider it bought" So it looks like we have a winner girls.. And they match the BM dresses.. how fortunate :P

How hard has your shoe hunt been? success? please tell!
Coastal City Bride - Charis xx


  1. Those shoes are soooooo pretty! Love the heel on them, and the bow!

  2. they're very appropriate and look lovely. and a bargain too, how Couldn't you buy them!? :P.


  3. I love the bow and the bling..what an awesome find!