Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Hens Party- I got spoilt by my ladies!

So last Saturday afternoon, I was whisked away by my BMs and driven half an hour away to a place called Denmark (small town close to mine). In which i constantly asked where I was going. I got told to pack my bikinis.. and a towel. I was a little bit confused as to why? because the weather for this weekend was raining and hailing. The girls had decorated BM niks car in purple, pink and white ribbon and quite awesome to look at.

We turned into a place called Chimes Spa resort .. Talk about wow oh wow (sorry have that usher song in my head atm) my excitement hit overload! I was getting spoilt!!

The champagne was quick to arrive and I was separated from the girls and had the following treatments

I nicked the words off the chimes website because I couldn't come up with the wording myself!

"Marine Wrap and Vichy Shower
The Thalassotherapy treatment uses a fresh marine algae (seaweed) body wrap. The marine wrap stimulates both the blood circulation and the lymphatic circulation whilst including detoxification benefits. After removal of the body wrap enjoy a complete body rub, massaging a mix of juniper, rosemary & grapefruit contouring oil. This treatment is recommended to help correct many water retention and hormonal imbalances, speed up the metabolism for those seeking weight loss, fortify the immune system and to help fight off the effects of stress. Excellent for tired aching legs."

It had the magic word weight loss which had me stoked!!

"Jamu Tropical Nut Facial
This facial is fresh from the market and good enough to eat with ingredients from almonds, honey, macadamia nuts, cucumber, rolled oats, olive oil and lemongrass. Enjoy a wonderful massage of face, neck and d├ęcolletage with steam, ozone and hot towels. "

The facial was up there as awesome.

I met up with the girls at about 6pm and they had a spa. We were greeted by more champagne.. and spent a good 3hrs in the spa and didn't leave until 9pm. The owners said we could stay as long as we wanted and even bought us dinner.

We drove back to our hometown and by then it was safe to say I was well and truly relaxed and then went I was given a task to go on a photo mission... I had been given a list of things that I had to have a photo of, things included me in front of a whale.. in a middle of a busy roundabout.. and various landmarks as also photos with certain friends of ours who were located at different locations

It was a great day and a great night!! Feeling so much relaxed.. and it was well needed!!

Anyway Ill post incriminating pictures soon...
Coastal City Bride - Charis xx


  1. Wow, sounds like you've got some great friends! I'd love to get pampered like that!

  2. it was pretty fab i think! couldnt believe it!!