Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My inviations are gone! I...

So I posted all the out of town invitations today and will try to do alot of running around tonight and post some of the local ones, well hand deliver.

Whats been happening this last week? We had relationship counselling this week, my videographer and DJ both cancelled on me... and umm well I needed a break. So I need to find a new DJ. Videographer I can do without!

That's it for now!!
I'm going to try get better pictures of the wedding programs in the next week. The pic I uploaded before is pretty dodgy.

Coastal City Bride - Charis xx


  1. Your DJ CANCELLED on you?!? Did he even give you a couple names as a reference? It's kinda late in the game for him to be throwing something like that at you.

  2. He gave me one name, and there booked... Better than the night before I guess!

  3. Ewww DJs cancelling SUCK!!! we had our DJ cancel too, but all is well we found a much better replacement at a great price! I hope you guys find someone soon! GOOD LUCK LADY!

  4. yeah I reckon!! Im having hard trouble finding any. They are mostly booked or doing something differant, or dont do weddings. I have a back up plan. A friend of mine is a DJ but he HATES doing weddings... and he said he would do it if I cant find anyone in two weeks. The hunt is on!